47216586_10217699510629006_2522032515930128384_nWe are grateful to all of the educators who have been impacted by the fire. It is amazing to watch the work you continue to do on behalf of students. Hopeful that we can make the smallest impact as you continue to teach in various locations and as your needs change over time.

Here’s how you can receive support:

  • If you have a one time request: Post a specific need to the Facebook group if you have a one-time request. For example, “does anyone have composition notebooks or a set of legos I could have?” Or, “our school could use a coffee pot for teachers.” Link to Facebook group here. When someone says yes, then you can both Private Message and set up how they can deliver or make contact.
  • If you want to share a link to your Wish List or Donors Choose page: Email us at ccwlbutte@gmail.com and ask us to share your link to our For Donors page on this website. It would help us if you could give us a two sentence bio to place with the link. For example, “I am a 2nd grade teacher who is temporarily teaching at Bird Street school. I’ve taught for 15 years and could use XYZ for teaching xyz.”
  • If you would like your class to be adopted: Email us ccwlbutte@gmail.com and ask if there are any donors who would like to adopt a class and how they can best contact you. We are currently matching donors to teachers. We see the donors as people who might head a small team to support your classroom over the next school year.
  • Have other ideas about ways we can help? Please email us!

Here is a tutorial that can help you to make an Amazon WishList, and again, we would be happy to share your list on the For Donors page.

And here is a link to the DonorsChoose site with information for teachers who want to set up a project: LINK HERE