wildcats riseThank you to the overwhelming support for our area teachers! Below, you can find some specific ways to help:

  • If you have a specific item(s) you would like to give to a teacher, please post the information on the Facebook group. Link to the group here. Helpful information might include:
    • description of the items (books, etc)
    • intended grade level
    • how you would be willing to ship or deliver
    • how you would prefer to be contacted (private messages have been a good way to go without sharing your contact info widely: you can ask teachers to PM you who are interested)
    • Note that many teachers do not have anywhere to store a lot of supplies right now. They may request that you hold items until they are more settled in a classroom.
  • If you would like to adopt a class, please email us ccwlbutte@gmail.com. Our hope is that donors who adopt a class are interested in supporting a particular teacher and classroom for the following school year. We imagine that you might head up a small group of friends and you take the lead as the contact person for a teacher. When the teacher needs something specific, you would help coordinate on his or her behalf. We have many teachers who would like to be part of the adopt a class, so please reach out and we will make the connection.